Welcome to our site Daewin Indonesia, please follow the general rules that we have made so that the transaction runs smoothly.

1. Buyers can buy any product and any quantity.

2. Buyers are required to pre-order and wait when the product is empty.

3. Buyers are required to fill in their full name, address, mobile number and according to the form.

4. If there is no request for product purchases, we will continue to make deliveries.

5. Buyers are required to make requests so that there is no miss communication.

6. If the buyer only orders and does not make a transfer with an account that has been given more than 1×24 hours, we will cancel the order.

and If you transfer money on Sunday and on Holiday we’ll process tomorrow.

7. Products will be processed after the buyer makes a transfer and sends proof of transfer to “Confirm Payment”.

8. We are not responsible for any damaged items that are intentionally done by our 2nd party. We are sure to check carefully for the condition of the product before shipping and for the products we ship in fresh condition.

9. Buyers can cancel if they have not done the transfer process.

10. When the buyer has placed an order and transfer, the product will be processed in a maximum of 3×24 hours.

Thank you.

Yuk buat akun sekarang dan belanja semua produk kami!
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